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Q : Who runs Surrey Trimming Ltd?

Surrey Trimming Ltd is owned and managed by Steve Salmon and Paul Bird. Steve and Paul have served apprenticeships and has been working in the trimming business for over 20 years.

Q : Can you send me a price list?

Surrey Trimming doesn’t have a fixed price list as most of our jobs are individually tailored to customer’s requirements. Work is charged on a time and materials basis although customers will normally be given a quotation before work starts.

Q : The side panel of my car driver’s seat is badly scuffed from the seat belt. Do I have to have the whole seat cover replaced?

Not necessarily – depending on the condition of the seat, we may be able to replace individual panels with a matched piece of leather.

Q : The plastic window in my convertible’s soft top has turned opaque with age – can you fix this for me?

There are two options for this repair. If the hood is in good condition, we can normally replace just the window section with new plastic. Alternatively, if the hood is looking tired, we can replace the whole soft top to rejuvenate the vehicle.

Q : I have a valuable prestige car – will it be safe with you?

We have a securely locked compound where we store vehicles we are working on. Special vehicles are always locked in the workshop overnight for additional security. If you have any special concerns about security, please speak to one of the directors to agree appropriate insurance arrangements.

Q : How soon will you be able to do the work on my car?

Our work flow is very variable but we always try to schedule urgent jobs to suit our customers’ requirements.

Q : My car is new and I would like to swap the cloth covers for leather. Can you do this economically?

Surrey Trimming Ltd specialises in bespoke leather work – for new production cars, our sister company, Leather Car Seat Specialists should be able to provide an economical solution for you – ring 01932 858757 for a quotation.

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Our latest projects can be seen in our photo gallery, from seat repairs to full restoration of vintage cars
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